Servosila SC-25R Brushless/Brushed Motor Controller (rectangular shape)


Servosila SC-25R Brushless/Brushed Motor Controllers are miniature electronic units that provide high-precision control over a wide range of mechanisms actuated by brushless or brushed electric motors (PMSM, BLDC, Direct Drive, Gimbal, Brushed) of any manufacturer. The controllers turn electric motors into computer controlled traction drives, high-precision direct drives, or servo drives when (optionally) paired with absolute position encoders (BISS-C, SSI, SPI, PWM or Quadrature) of any manufacturer.

Up to 25A of phase-to-phase current, and up to 20bits of angular precision are provided. The electronic units feature a microprocessor chip, a set of absolute encoder interfaces for shaft position measurements, a firmware implementation of advanced motion control algorithms that operate in a closed loop fashion, as well as CANbus/CANopen and USB 2.0 interfaces for receiving commands from a control computer/PLC and sending back telemetry.

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